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This is a story of a little girl who always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. She started her fashion journey as a toddler, when her mom took her shopping… Mari would nod approvingly if she liked what her mom was trying on, or she would shake her head in disagreement if she didn’t. She was born with her taste and sense of fashion.


The Brand

A ready-to-wear brand inspired by women who understand the pleasure of dressing. A brand that is sophisticated, timeless yet offers à la mode pieces. Clothes designed as an homage to Colombia in the way it’s full of fun bright colors with a free- spirit vibe.

A brand for women who are bold, playful and confident. Women that aren’t afraid of mixing and matching colors, women that enjoy putting fun and unique looks. The type of woman that wears our Color Block Pants to work because it makes her feel like a BOSS. Women that dress up to impress themselves, these are the type of women the brand designs for.


The Staff

Currently we have a family of five in-house members plus one Momager. Most of them have been with us for more than a year. They enjoy sharing their ideas and opinions, which are always embraced and welcomed with open arms.

Meet Fana

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve felt extremely lucky to have a family that welcomed me with open arms. Regardless of my blood type, genetics or DNA. Therefore, I’ve always wanted to give back to FANA (Fundacion para la Asistencia de la Niñez Abandonada), the foundation that gifted me my greatest blessing, my family. For every piece you purchase, we donate a percentage to the children of FANA, to help them find their home, just like I did.


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