A ready-to-wear brand inspired by women who understand the pleasure of dressing. A brand that is sophisticated, timeless yet offers à la mode pieces. Clothes designed as an homage to Colombia in the way it’s full of fun bright colors with a free- spirit vibe.
A brand for women who are bold, playful and confident. Women that aren’t afraid of mixing and matching colors, women that enjoy putting fun and unique looks. The type of woman that wears our Color Block Pants to work because it makes her feel like a BOSS. Women that dress up to impress themselves, these are the type of women the brand designs for.


We recognize the importance of dressing up, of telling who we are and where we come from. We assemble garments that more than dress bodies, tell stories and empower those who wear them, creating an intangible value.. An experience that stimulates all the senses, making the hearts of those who enter our universe jump with excitement.

We have pure gratitude and freedom to practice what we are passionate about: exploring our creativity, our identity and expressing our authenticity. We work with and around talented people who inspire us. We also appreciate the trust people put in our hands by allowing us to be part of their stories, their most memorable moments and awarding us the honor of dressing their bodies.

Our clients and audience are our family, as well as those of us who work for and from McL, who are all unique and special in their own way. We want to be available and accessible to everyone by generating relationships that unite us. Honesty, kindness and respect are everything to us.
Since we love spontaneity and creative liberty it excites us to discover new methods of doing things, integrate new ideas and enhance our craft. 

We want to materialize our vision by welcoming all suggestions coming from our team by highlighting their skills and abilities. We remain faithful to our principles since they are a guaranteed guide of our brand’s values. We reinvent ourselves during different times but our essence remains unique and irreplaceable.

Brand Values

Passion & Creativity

Quality & Excellence

Responsability & Service Attitude

Inclusion & Respect

Warmth & Celebration