Marisa (Mom)

Full-time Momager, all time favorite fitting model, my own personal fashion photographer and author of her up-and-coming adoptive autobiography book. Marisa has a caring and friendly personality, which is why she serves as everyone’s mentor.


Real-estate CEO and my very own administrative counselor. Although he’s not on top of everything brand-related, he always makes sure to check in to offer advice, motivational speeches or help make important decisions.


Mom of her cute cat, Liz and our very own seamstress. Juani is happy and passionate about her work which is why she pays close attention to detail and loves to look up new trends and silhouettes.


Dad of three, husband and our very own seamstress. Rosmel is the only man in our woman universe. You can always count on him to sing out loud, make you laugh and bring positivity to our workshop.


Happy aunt, sister of three siblings and our very own Head of Staff. Linda´s in charge of assigning everyone´s tasks, she oversees orders, talks to our providers and is very efficient when it comes to strategies and organizing our atelier. She´s known for her carismatic personality.


Rosme´s brother and our very own pattern-designer (and seamstress when needed as well). He´s known to be very polite and has a critical eye when it comes to samples.


Yuli is a married young woman and our very own shopping assistant. Yuli is a loving individual which is why she appreciates all of our clients. Yuli enjoys conversations with all of our clients, who she considers part of the McL family.